Vocal coach, mentor, author and inspirer.


My calling is to empower people through the platform that is music but more specifically…the voice.

I’ve been fortunate enough to train with, and under, some of the most highly regarded mentors in the world, and blessed enough to work with some of the most sought after musical talent whose careers span generations, genres and the globe.

Five years ago I also went on to launch my own artist development programme. My core focus has been, and will continue to be, building artists of character and excellence, developing a positive mindset, and empowering people. I am able to successfully do this because of the incredible team of people who walk this journey with me.

The greatest gift that you can give someone is the tools to believe in themselves and their gifts and talents.


Good Practice

Joshua promotes good, healthy practice. Good Practice is important for world-class performance. I guess everyone knows that already, huh? Well, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone of the obvious. What is also important is how you practice – this is key.


If a person is going to invest an amount of time, money, passion and concentration to singing, then they need to have the kind of practice that produces high-level results in skill. That person will have to be deeply motivated. Good practice is a conscious act; Motivation is an empowering inner burst, an awakening. This deep motivation is a necessary part for the attainment of great skill. Joshua is a great motivator and his passion for the voice stirs up passion in those that work with him.


Joshua is certainly one of the most encouraging and motivating teachers around; working with him consistently reveals this fact. He is a skilled teacher who is always willing to sincerely and passionately make the necessary commitment to help develop his students and clients. Joshua’s philosophy is to enrich, encourage and inspire people.

Expert Coaching

World-class talent requires help, feedback and guidance from disciplined and committed coaches. Think of this as the wise, older sage who can tell the student what he can’t tell himself. The development of great skill requires the help of people who have the ability to grow talent in others. Joshua’s instruction exemplifies this and is reflected in his extensive experience in the music industry as well as his endorsements from some high level, successful professionals.

Continued Professional Development (CPU)

Joshua has developed and continually develops himself under the tutelage and accountability of some of the world’s most respected and proven professionals on voice education. This is vital, as information is always advancing in the world of voice education. This allows Joshua to be at the forefront of current evidence based knowledge whilst maintaining an effective teaching style and a reputation for creating solutions that can help resolve vocal problems that plague many singers.

The greatest gift you can receive, is seeing how your willingness to serve others, your dedication and your passion, has empowered them to achieve results beyond their imagination, and the positive impact that has on every area of their lives.

My mission is to bring out the best in people no matter the voice

Vocology In Practice

Voice science is the discovery of ‘why’ things work the way they do in the voice. It serves, educates, enlightens, and helps to ‘fill in the blanks’ in the knowledge and understanding of how our voices work and how to develop and care for this wonderful natural instrument. Vocology In Practice (VIP) is one network that is at the forefront of understanding the whole truth about vocal function, and communicating it accurately in order to benefit and really make big differences to voices!

‘Rolling away’ unsubstantiated myths of ‘old school’ vocal understanding and methodologies and embracing more effective, efficient, authenticated, and student-centred approaches to learning and teaching singing. We achieve this by learning directly from the voice specialists themselves through open dialogue, Q&A’s, workshops and certified training courses. Concepts like ‘Non-linear Source Filter Interaction‘, ‘Inertive Reactance‘, the understanding of ‘Formants and Harmonics‘, ‘Phonation Threshold Pressure‘, and voice system anatomy, are massive shifts in thinking and learning how to creative effective and powerful singing.

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